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Shea Nuts

Shea nut is the seed of the shea fruit that grows on the shea tree. The shea generally grows wild and its an indigenous tree species to many countries in west africa The Shea fruit fall to the ground during harvesting period (typically June through August). Our brands

They are then buried in pits which causes the pulp to ferment and disintegrate and produces enough heat to prevent germination. The Shea nuts are dried for a few days and are later shelled and winnowed, usually by hand. The kernels are dried further to reduce moisture content from about 40 percent to about 7 percent.

Demand Quality Standards

Seemingly Buyers specify their own quality standards for purchases of shea nuts and shea butter. The following is a benchmark for the composition of the shea nut required for export/import:

  • Free Fatty Acids (FFA) = < - 6%
  • Moisture Content = < - 7%
  • Oil Content = ->45%
  • Latex = 4-10%

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